Spark AR Realistic Lens Flare

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Spark AR Realistic Lens Flare

Yegor Kumachov
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Fully customizable realistic lens flare effect that make your projects look more dramatic and dreamy. It adds to your scene realistic sunset or sunrise effect, bright flashlight and more depth to light sources. This effect consists of 8 elements:




-Chroma ring

-Chroma Hoop




This is a *.ARBLOCK file, so you can just drop it to your Spark AR scene and it is instantly applied to your project. Watch the demo video to see how it is simple to use.


-You can adjust brightness, scale, color overlay of your flare.

-You can turn on or off any element of lens flare to customize it

-It works in both 2D or 3D spaces

-You can connect flare to any 3d object or light in your scene

Also included demo project with random lens flare on tap

And you can try this effect with the link below


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ARBLOCK file, ready to drag and drop; Demo project with random lens flare on tap


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